[DMC5] DMD Prologue Urizen – (No upgrades/No Damage/New Game)

My save got corrupted, oh bother. But now we get to attempt a pinnacle challenge; a New Game DMD run. This is actually the second time I did this. I took him down on his third shield break, but of course I forgot to set it to record, so I guess I had to do it again.

For those out the loop: If you can beat Urizen in the prologue, you unlock the next difficulty level. Of course, you don’t have any upgrades, so it can be a challenge. Devil Hunter isn’t so bad, but on DMD he can take you in a single hit sometimes.


Since you can no longer crutch on late game upgrades such as triple jump or Ragtime/Buster, you have to rely on pure skill and game knowledge. Pay attention to the patterns; when you can squeeze in a lot of attacks and what attacks are going to be coming up next.
For example, you’ll notice that when he has the two lasers going, as they close in towards the middle he’ll also throw a couple of fireballs. (For reference, 3:37 and 4:08) Afterwards, he’ll usually follow up with the floor explosions if you’re close enough. Dodge these and you can sneak in some good damage.

Anticipating what attacks are coming up are the key here since you don’t have as many dodge options. Abuse the air taunt when it’s safe. It extends your jump height, and I’m pretty sure you move faster with it, making it ideal for dodging away from the slow bubbles.

When you’re attacking the shield, get into a habit of shifting your attention to Urizen and his hand movements/effects. This is a good visual cue of what’s coming next. But again, you’ll start to see the patterns eventually.

When he drops down the sky lasers in a sort of ‘V’ shape in front of me while I’m attacking, you’ll notice that I simply dodge to the side and keep attacking for more DPS (0:17 and 0:58). This is safe with alright-enough timing, but don’t confuse it for the delayed lasers. If you see Urizen preparing the attack, have a quick look to the ground and check for the ‘V’ shape.

If your Exceeds are perfect during the damage phases and you waste no time getting close, you can definitely beat him in 3 breaks. Ariel Rave is better DPS than the ground combo, so this is the best time to use it. But since you don’t have Air Hike, be careful when using it against the shield.

Good luck!

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  • Jesus christ the skill though 🤕

    Coolerthan Afrieza June 21, 2020 7:10 am Reply
  • "Deadweight Challenge" Complete

    Deus Vult June 21, 2020 7:10 am Reply
  • dude if you die in this fight you have to redo the whole mission right?

    Melius June 21, 2020 7:10 am Reply
  • How do you do the double jump I thought you have to unlock it

    Y M June 21, 2020 7:10 am Reply
  • Can you do son of sparda no upgrades

    Y M June 21, 2020 7:10 am Reply
  • Lets be honest, the boss isn't Urizen, its the crystal shield.

    Joseph H. Gaming 'n Things June 21, 2020 7:10 am Reply
  • Good job, dude

    Kestila June 21, 2020 7:10 am Reply

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