I try VR hypnosis to see what it is

I try VR hypnosis to see what it is | VR Hypnosis and the many vr hypnosis game out there have always interested me. Trying some vr hypnotizing games or a vr hypnosis app let’s explore what hypnosis is, how it can work in Virtual Reality, and try a full vr hypnosis game out. Was an interesting experience to say the least…

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  • Well that was interesting…whats everyone thinking of the new direction of videos? Input needed
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    Eric For President June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • How can I do that? My mind cannot stop working and I stay up at night for long that I cannot sleep
    I really love hypnosis but IDK what am I doing wrong

    MegaCraft_DZ June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • This one you tried in the video sounds a little gimmicky; I would like to see a video with a more serious one, is there such a thing?

    TiagoTiago June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • "You are ready to be brainwashed."
    …uhm… What the fuck.

    Tomasz Wota June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • I'm honestly a big fan of these deep dives.

    Giffy June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • Kinda looks like you sleeping on the bed with eye covers

    Eligijus Fomkinas June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • Maybe combined the VR app with DMX and then make a video.

    Gaming in still Life June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • Yeah, the synthetic voice is just straight up creepy, but I think VR would help with lucid dreaming via displaying light patterns across your eyes which becomes a lucid dream trigger.

    Downside is trying to sleep with a headset on.

    Thomas Bennett June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • That voice in the hypnosis thing is the same one used as the "Human Union" in Virtual Virtual Reality on most vr platforms…

    Empire526907 June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • Interesting concept. Funny you bring this up after Elon's announcement of a brain computer interface😳

    David Freeman June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • Uuu…
    I know that trance!
    I can trigger it by looking at flashing colors too long :3

    LANIK June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • The video was great, I've tried something close to this when I was a kid but it had flashing LEDs on a pair of sunglasses and binaural beats playing in the headphones and I must say it was weird..really weird lol

    Tim Jarrard June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • I tried to watch this on my Quest but the visuals made me cross eyed and I saw two pictures. Is that supposed to be intentional? I used it on the browser to do the 3D side by side since the Youtube app doesn't actually do that for some reason.

    Matt B June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • Could you do more gameplay videos/streams soon?
    And did the link ever take you to a chat, if not tell me and I'll figure something else out.

    Darth Lilyven June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • Ha hehe.. another thing we have in common lol.

    VR Drunken Monkey June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • Thought I was watching paranormal activity … I’m sure someone/something was behind the curtains or door the creaked.

    Mad Monk June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • I get the shower thing. For me its with weed however.

    Head under the shower, with eyes closed and the consistent noise of water I can get into a quick trance like state. Sometimes I even l have very mild visual trips with eyes closed (like seeing cartoons or random images)

    Maybe I have an over active imagination, play too much VR or I am lucky lol.

    Razor E June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • What experience is that at the 00:44 mark?

    BrainFeed.ca June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • Yes this is the kind of stuff that interests me the most! Hypnosis is all about suggestion and the robot voice was not working because it lacked human tone and also because it was super aggressive. Hypnotism only works if the user wants to get hypnotized, and when someone is telling you "YOU SHALL DO WHATEVER I SAY" then it definitely will not work. Would love more of this stuff, and if you were hinting at … "substances" with VR that would be a video that'd I'd watch for sure.

    Grog Games June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • I’d fall asleep lol

    Meli Playful June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • The voice reminds me of the one in Virtual Virtual Reality that helps you escape through the stapler. I think it's the same text to speech actually.

    Chacho Franco June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • Having an interest (and some experience) in this field – here are my thoughts.
    1. Stage hypnosis has nothing to do with what we may term 'hypnosis' – it is all about social compliance (you do stupid stuff on stage, because of the setting, and – eventually – you feel more awkward not doing it). So, as you say – you can dismiss that – not the same thing at all.
    2. Basically (and to describe as simply as possible) – hypnosis is focusing the conscious critical faculty and thereby dampening it down. This allows you to become aware within a non-conscious state. This is achieved by focusing you attention on a single point of reference (a candle flame – a single spot in your room etc).
    You are basically trying to shut off all the chatter of the 'monkey mind'. This can be VERY powerful and beneficial.
    What we call hypnosis is practically the same as other meditation techniques – such as mindfulness. Practising these techniques (regularly, so that they become second nature) is so powerful, that it can transform you life.
    I have tried many of these in VR and have come to the conclusion that having something strapped to your head is counter productive. This does not stop them being fun to try out – but in the end I think it is more effective to learn the techniques and use them without the obstruction of the hardware and all those flashing lights. It is still an interesting application of VR, but I have personally not found anything that works as well as 'the real thing'.
    The most immersive and effective experience I have found is a music visualiser (if you have the right sort of music – i.e. non-intrusive music). The best app for this is DMT (not the drug – although that works too! 😉 – you can find it on Steam). The best meditation app (on rift and Go) is simply called 'Guided Meditation' (in my mind it is still a barrier and a distraction to entering a full meditative state, but the audio is good and made by professionals in the field).
    Interesting video and the most original topic I have seen covered in VR – keep up the good work!

    Chris Gould June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • Dude. That was awesome! Great vid!

    2112ZOZ June 21, 2020 5:25 am Reply

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