Morphology Game (Affix and Meaning)

Game Objective: The students will identify the meaning of affixes.

Game Activity: Students match an affix and its meaning (e.g., pre, before).

Game instructions:
1. Make Groups.
2. Every group have to form a line in front of black paper consists of affix and meaning cards that have been put in the wall.
3. A student in the front row select a card and find the pair that matchs.
4. The student who has picked 2 cards (a pair of cards) should go to the back of the row and let the student behind him/her pick 2 matching cards.
5. Do it again and again until there is no cards left on the black paper.
6. The fastest group with the most correct on matching the cards win.

Now it’s your turn to play the game. Good luck!


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  • Such a fun game! Congrats for the winner! ❤

    Rara Cung June 21, 2020 9:35 pm Reply

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