Porcupine Game

Porcupine Game is second from 7 games. While playing, you move the horse using steady pressure. First you need to tell the horse you’re gonna ask him to do something and show him where. Just touch him for a while in a very friendly way and make sure you have his attention. Then put only tops of your fingers on horse’s hair. Keep it for 3 seconds or a bit longer if you just started showing this game to your horse. If he moves, immediatelly take back your hand, and let him know what a good horsey he is. If doesn’t keep you hand still but push a little more. Again hold 3 seconds, if doesn’t work push harder and after 3 seconds put your whole strength in it. Those fases are: hair, skin, muscle, bone. Just imagine you need to touch every of them.The key is to stop just in the moment when horse starts thinking about moving in the right direction or tries to do it. It’s very important to know exactly what you want from your partner and accept only the right answer. Your horse is learning. May do really strange things like biting, pushing, pulling, moving in all directions or even rearing but remember- in the moment you stop, the horse is learning. And does it really fast. If you give up once or twice you show your horse you’re not a leader that he needs. That may cause many problems with respect and be dangerous. Esspecially when you retreat while the horse is freaking out. Be patient and wait till the right reaction. Then ask for more steps, faster, nicer, more willing answer.
There are so many ways you can move your horse with Porcupine! Sadly I have only some of them in this video, but it’s only your imagination. Just follow the rules and play with it! Move horse’s front, hinds, neck, head, tail, up, down, forward, backward, side to side, around, from sadle, using tools, there are so many possibilities! Be creative!
As you can see horses often play that game, just like that two boys 😀

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  • Great video 🙂

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    Ivana Tilošanec June 25, 2020 6:50 pm Reply
  • Good Work!

    Jacky & Soul.Companions June 25, 2020 6:50 pm Reply
  • Nice! loved your description! keep up these awesome videos!!

    CantioHorse June 25, 2020 6:50 pm Reply

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