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♥ About This Game:Toucan ( Ramphastidae ) a family of birds of the order of woodpeckers. Tukans have a disproportionately large compressed from the sides a brightly colored beak. However the bill itself despite its size is not as heavy as it seems due to the presence of air cavities in it. The largest representatives of the order of woodpeckers. There are 37 species of birds united in 6 genera.

Toucan peoples inhabit the plains and mountains tropical forests of America from southern Mexico to northern Argentina. Nest in natural hollows hollowed out by woodpeckers.

The name of these birds is due to the fact that representatives of one of their species are shouting something like Tokano!

Noisy bird living in a tropical forest. It is easy to recognize on a huge and very light yellow beak the length of which reaches almost half the length of the body. This bird does not know how to fly well and far so it spends most of the time in hollow trees. It is remarkable for its appearance. The first thing that catches your eye is a disproportionately large brightly colored beak. Its length is almost equal to the length of the body of the bird. The large beak does not cause inconvenience to the bird it is very light because of the presence of pneumatic cavities in it. Beak tukaniat sharply differs from the beak of adult birds. In chicks it is flat and the lower jaw is somewhat longer and wider than the upper jaw. This makes it easier to grasp the food thrown by adult birds. The tongue of the Toucan is long the front part of it and the fringes are fringed, which gives it a pinnate appearance. The skin around the corners of the mouth and around the eyes is not feathered and brightly colored. Contrasting color of plumage. Usually on the main black background of most of the plumage there are various bright areas. The legs and eyes of these birds are colored in bright colors. There are toucans so colorful that they are not inferior to the brightest parrots in this respect. Toucan are hardly noticeable among the forest greens especially when they sit quietly in the trees after the feeding you might think that a large bright butterfly is looking out of the leaves. The tail of Toucan as a rule is not long straight cut consists of 10 steering feathers. In some species it is quite long and stepped that is, the extreme tail feathers are the shortest the following are longer and the average pair of helmsmen is the longest. Short and wide wings have 11 primary feathers.

Because of its awkward large body and huge beak fly tuccan is quite heavy. Taking off the bird is gaining height and then plans in the right direction describing in the air wide circles. Long-distance flights these birds avoid. All the time toucans are carried in the crowns of large trees where they eat fruits. Birds are curious, together pursue birds of prey and gather in large flocks trying to help a wounded or a predator caught by a predator.


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